Plain Fudge


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Bags contain a minimum of
100g of fresh fudge. (£2.50)

Box’s contain a minimum of
200g of fresh fudge. (£5.00)

This is fudge at it’s simplest.  It is a creamy combination of milk, sugar and butter blended to make a delicious melt on the tongue, moreish,  tasty fudge.

Orders are dispatched within three days following receipt of order.
Postage charged at current Royal Mail rates.

Please note that some fudge may contain of have traces of nuts and nut oils
or may have been made alongside other products containing nuts.

The Judges Said ….

“Delightful classic fudge with a fantastic golden caramel flavour note.
Good, smooth, crumbly, soft texture with a melt away mouth feel.
Clean tasting caramel notes which are not overwhelming on the palate.
This is a really good example of proper fudge with simple,
clean ingredients and a great texture and crumb,
which is not over sweet on the tongue.
A lovely deep caramel flavoured fudge, lovely and buttery”

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