Steve Timms

Steve has run a successful handmade chocolate truffle business in Kent and has gone on to create this amazing hand made fudge.

Steve says “ I have always loved fudge and in recent years I have been so unhappy with the fudge that I brought.  Every shop I went to had the same type of fudge, it all tasted the same and it all looked the same.  It was nothing like the fudge I remembered from my childhood,  so I set about developing a recipe that would bring back real fudge and here it is for you to try as well.  This fudge is not made from pre-packaged ingredients this is honest to goodness fudge made the old fashioned way.  There are no e-numbers, no colourings, no chemical preservatives, this fudge is not made to sit on a shop shelf for months at a time.  It is meant to be eaten while it is fresh when it is at it’s very, very best.  I am delighted with this product and for the first time in years I can eat fudge just like the fudge from my childhood.”